Model United Nations

What is MUN?

Model United Nations is a highly diversified activity, following the pattern of the United Nations and making us face up to the ongoing problems in today’s world.

Delegates at an MUN Conference take on the role of representatives of UN member states in various Committees, debating current global issues from their country’s viewpoint. There are many MUN conferences.

MUN is a hugely varied and enjoyable activity, and attending an MUN Conference gives Delegates first-hand experience of many coveted learning situations. MUN combines first line research, summarising of information, succinct writing of Resolutions, negotiation, debate, political and background knowledge of country-based and world affairs, confidence building, public speaking, social and diplomatic skills, empathising with others’ viewpoint and defending of the Delegate’s own. Being a Conference Delegate is a chance to meet new people, to voice closely-held opinions and hear those of others and to extend personal knowledge of the unfair nesses of today’s world and seek a negotiated solution to them. A lot of serious preparation is needed, but that commitment rewards the enthusiastic MUNer with a great sense of satisfaction: of investigating world issues from another, often very different angle; of finding out ’what is really important to me’ in today’s world; and most important of all, of helping you to see why other people are different from you – but not wrong!

MUN Report for 2015-16

This year pupils from years 10-14 took part in two Model United Nations Conferences. This year we were glad to welcome many new pupils to MUN and were glad to expand the society throughout more year groups in Friends'.

On Friday 26th February a group of 21 travelled to Wesley College Dublin to compete. The pupils represented three countries of Republic of Korea, Libya and the Netherlands. Hannah Al Qaryooti was the guest chair for the Human Rights Committee

Friends’ Delegates won four awards: Ryan Hall won Highly Commended delegate, and Rebecca McNeill, Cameron Watson and Niamh Porter each gained Commended delegate.

On the 23rd March, 12 pupils travelled to Edinburgh to represent Colombia in the annual George Watsons' College Model United Nations Conference. This is a huge international conference with over 600 pupils competing from a range of international schools, such as Florida and Iran.

The team Jill Holley, Cameron Ullmann, Hannah Al-Qaryooti, Patrick Geddis, Georgia Beaton, Katy Mills, Niall McCabe, Alexandra Hunter, Lauren Irwin, Lea Carson, Fern Belshaw, and Nicole Buckingham. They showed dedication and strong lobbying skills to win the Best Delegation In General Assembly award in the General Assembly on the Sunday.

This MUN is a truly international competition with schools from all over Scotland, England, Ireland, Europe and Iran coming together for the weekend to debate world issues and offer solutions to a range of questions including rogue states, vaccinations and immigration.

Individual awards were also gained by: Patrick Geddis and Hannah Al-Qaryooti – Commended delegates, Jill Holly gained Highly Commended, and Lea Carson won best junior delegate in her first ever MUN.