June 2017

Dear Parents

Our fundraising continues apace with a very successful PTA BBQ on Friday evening, thanks to our guests we had a fantastic night. If you are interested in seeing and hearing a little more about PTA activities please visit and like our Facebook page-

We would like you to become more actively involved in supporting friends school as part of the PTA, if you are interested in helping please get in touch.


  1. Leech


Committee  2016

Forename     Surname  
Kathryn Archbold STAFF
Fiona Brogan-Quinn PARENT
Ruth Collins PARENT
Ruth Connolly  STAFF 
Martin Grimley  PARENT 
Simon  Leech  PARENT 
Emma Lockhart  PARENT 
Ciara Lowe  STAFF 
Barry Megeean  PARENT 
Ivor Monaghan  STAFF 
Clare Monteith  STAFF 
Stephen Moore  STAFF 
Margaret Morgan  PARENT 
Fiona O'Connor  PARENT 
Catherine Ross  PARENT 
Judith Rowan  PARENT 
Orla Wilson  PARENT