Key Stage 4

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Pupils in Key Stage 4 (Years 11 and 12) follow a common core curriculum and then choose from a range of subject options. Pupils take 9 or 10 subjects at GCSE.
All pupils take GCSE in English, English Literature and Mathematics. All study at least one Modern Language: French, German or Spanish and many pupils choose to take two languages at this level. Pupils take either Double Award Science to GCSE or at least one of the three Sciences: Biology, Chemistry and Physics. Pupils are recommended to choose one subject from The Environment and Society Area of Study: Business Studies, Economics, Geography, History or Food and Nutrition. All pupils in Years 11 and 12 take a GCSE in Religious Studies.

Non GCSE subjects taken by all pupils are Physical Education, Games, and Personal and Social Education – a course including Careers and Study Skills; and a course in Information Technology. Pupils are also offered additional GCSE subjects in Engineering and Photography.

Key Stage 4     Subjects offered at GCSE

Subject Awarding Body
Art & Design CCEA
Biology CCEA
Business Studies CCEA
Chemistry CCEA
Digital Technology CCEA
Economics CCEA
Engineering* CCEA
English Language CCEA
English Literature CCEA
Food and Nutrition CCEA
French CCEA
Geography CCEA
German CCEA
History CCEA
Journalism CCEA
Mathematics CCEA
Mathematics (Further) CCEA
Moving Image Arts CCEA
Music CCEA
Photography* CCEA
Physical Education CCEA
Physics CCEA
Religious Studies CCEA
Science (Double Award) CCEA
Spanish CCEA
Technology & Design CCEA

* These courses are currently offered to pupils in collaboration with schools in the Lisburn Area Learning Community, 3.45 pm – 5.45 pm, one afternoon per week over Years 11 and 12 and are in addition to the 9 or 10 subjects taken in School.