Friday 19th October 2018We aim to make sure that all of the children feel at ease taking the tests at Friends’.

To that end, we are holding a Familiarisation Afternoon on Friday 19th October in preparation for the tests which take place

at 10.00am on 10th and 24th November 2018 and 1st December 2018.


Pupils registered to sit the tests at Friends’ School will receive a letter from us giving details of the Familiarisation Afternoon and enclosing the Friends’ School Registration Card which shows the room where they are taking the test.

We wish to avoid disruption to primary schools, and, unless travelling a significant distance, pupils should not need to leave school early on the Friday afternoon.

Timings for the afternoon are as follows:

  • 3.30pm: pupils arrive in school. The Assembly Hall will be open from 3.20pm, but there will be no access to school before that time.
  • 3.50pm: pupils will go to their examination room as if the test was beginning at 4.15pm (see below for details)
  • 4.30pm: pupils return to their parents in the Assembly Hall

Parents are asked to remain in the Assembly Hall during this period. When the pupils are in the examination rooms, the Principal will give a short presentation on the AQE process.

Please note that, in a change to previous years, we will be using large rooms, including the Gym and the Dining Hall, for the tests, rather than classrooms.

What should pupils bring on the Familiarisation Afternoon?

As on each test morning, pupils should bring:

  • The AQE Admission Card
  • The Friends’ School Registration Card (This will be posted out to parents)
  • 2 pencils and 1 rubber

What will happen on the familiarisation afternoon?

Pupils and Parents should take a seat in the Assembly Hall in their allocated block. At 3.50pm pupils will be taken to their exam room as on the test mornings. There, they will be shown to the desk which they will use for each of the Assessment papers.

Once the children are seated in their exam room, the invigilator will make sure that all the desks and chairs are suitable and check all have their exam card, pencils and a rubber. The invigilator will then explain the procedure to be followed when the children are taking the assessments. The aim is to make children feel at ease and to get them used to following the instructions that will be issued on the test mornings. The children will be given out a sample paper and will be given instructions about how to write their details on the front page. They might also do one or two questions. The paper will then be taken in and no further use made of it. After completing this short exercise, at around 4.30 pm, the children will be brought back to the Assembly Hall to the block where you are seated.