AQE Tests 2018

The tests take place on 10 and 24 November and 1 December 2018 between 10.00am and 11.00am.


There is some parking available in the school grounds, but as places are limited, it is likely that some people will have to park at some distance from School.  Please leave sufficient time to park and, if necessary, walk on to School.

Please note that Traffic Wardens will issue tickets to cars parked on yellow lines or inside the bus stop markings outside School.

Arrival: please arrive at the School Assembly Hall between 9.15am and 9.30am.  Because of the large numbers attending, we ask that, if possible, pupils are accompanied by one parent only, including on the Familiarisation Afternoon.

Please show your child’s Friends’ School registration card on arrival. The colour of the registration card indicates which block you will sit in, and prefects and staff will guide you to the correct area of the Assembly Hall.

The Test

At 9.35am pupils will be called forward to make their way to their examination room. Staff and prefects will accompany them and help them find their allocated seat.  They will be in the same seat for all the tests. We have arranged that pupils are seated in an exam room with some pupils from their primary school, where this applies, and with some pupils from other schools. In each room there will be additional pencils and rubbers, and water will also be available. 

On the morning of each of the tests and on the Familiarisation Afternoon, pupils should bring the following:

  • The AQE Admission Card
  • The Friends’ School Registration Card
  • 2 Pencils And 1 Rubber

In line with AQE guidance, the following are not permitted:  watches, mobile phone, bottles of water, food, pencil cases etc.  Pupils should wear clothes in which they feel comfortable. In previous years, most have worn school uniform or a school tracksuit.

Late Room

There will be a separate exam room for any child arriving late.

Test Period (Parents)    

When the children have left the Assembly Hall to go to their room, parents may leave the school site.  Those wishing to remain in School are asked to stay in the Assembly Hall until 9.50am, at which point they will be asked to walk across to the East Suite (the new Maths and Music block), where tea and coffee can be purchased.  In either case, there will be no movement around the school site between 9.55am and 11.00am so that the children are not disturbed while they are doing the test.  The school gates will be locked during this time.  Parents planning not to stay during the test period are asked to park outside the School so there is no traffic leaving the grounds after 9.35am.  Once the test is over, pupils will be brought back to the Assembly Hall, and parents are asked to meet them there. The school gates will be opened at 11am, and parents who have remained in school will be brought back to the Assembly Hall from the East Suite.

Access Arrangements

Those with extra time under Access Arrangements will follow the same procedures as above but will be together in a separate classroom and will finish at 11.15am.