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Welcome to the webpage for A Level Business Studies at Friends' School Lisburn.

This page will provide visitors with information about the A Level specification currently offered in the school.

The current year (2016-2017) will be following the new CCEA A Level Business Studies specification. Year 14 are following the 'legacy' CCEA A Level Business Studies specification.

AS/A2 Business Studies (Year 13 New specification)


AS/A2 Business Studies (Year 14- old specification)

Students have the opportunity to study CCEA A Level Business Studies

Business Studies

Year 13 AS Modules are:

AS1                  The Competitive Business                     

AS2                  Managing Business Resource

In both of these units, students must answer two compulsory, structured questions based on stimulus material.

Year 14 A2 Modules are:

A2 1                 Making Business Decisions

Students must answer one compulsory, structured question based on stimulus material.

A2 2                 The Changing Business Environment

Students are presented with an unseen case study and must produce a business report in response to it.

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