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Year 9

The English department seeks to equip Year 9 pupils with the skills and experiences essential to their development as readers, writers and as contributors to society.

Pupils are encouraged to self-assess and to set goals for improvement. The understanding of language conventions and rules are integrated into topic work.  Pupils are also formally taught spelling, grammar and punctuation through the use of a dedicated booklet.  Spellings are formally tested each week.

Assessment is embedded in each Unit of work with the emphasis on extending reading, writing and research skills and on accuracy and fluency in written and oral expression.  Pupils are given a booklet which contains a year plan and clear outlines of what the work undertaken will comprise. The booklet identifies and explains homework tasks and success criteria indicate how marks are awarded.  There are 4 standardised tasks which comprise 20% of the marks for the January and June examinations.  These are clearly explained in the booklet. Pupils are guided, through the task sheet, to self-evaluation and target setting.  Tasks are marked to a common mark scale.

Supporting learning at home

The School’s Virtual Learning Environment, FRONTER, contains support for learning at home.  Revision notes and examination guidance is clearly identified.  Pupils should work through the samples pieces prior to examinations. 

Pupils should be working to develop a very good vocabulary and be able to read, write and communicate purposefully and with insight exhibiting sophistication in expression, punctuation and language. In order to support and develop this aim, pupils are expected to read at home.  At least one fiction or non-fiction book should be read at home each term. 

Pupils in year 9 are encouraged to enter a wide range of local and national competitions and to become involved in a variety of activities.

English Department Extra Curricular activities:

Junior Book Club

Public Speaking

[Pupils have the opportunity to be involved in the school drama production every two years.]

Year 9

Overleaf is an outline of topics and homework tasks for Year 9 pupils.

Tasks marked * are written in class and contribute 10% towards school examination.

Term 1

Term 2

Term 3


Novel A

*Unit 1 – Analysis of Spoken Word



Novel A

*Unit 2 – Literary
Response to Novel



Prep for Jan exam

T&L (group discussion)


Winter exam:
Film review language
analysis & SPGs


Novel B

*Unit 3 – ‘Romeo & Juliet’ (Persuasive speech)



Novel B

*Unit 4 – Poetry


T&L (role play)

Prep for summer exam


Summer Exam: 

Creative Writing &
Literary Comprehension



T&L (individual speeches)

N.B. Pupils will read 2 class novels – ‘Underground to Canada’’, Barbara Smucker and ‘Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry’, Mildred D. Taylor. They will also be expected to read a range of fiction books at home and in Library classes throughout the year.