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Welcome to Friends' Prep Department.

The Preparatory Department is a long- established and integral part of Friends’ School.  It is co-educational and interdenominational.  The age of the pupils ranges from 4-11 years.  Pupils from 2 years 9 months may join the Pre Prep Department.

At Friends’ Prep we wish our pupils to be educated in a secure, happy and caring environment based on the principles of the Religious Society of friends.  Our aim is to provide the opportunities for each child to develop his or her inherent potential academically, socially and emotionally.  The education of a child involves a partnership between home and school.  We know, therefore that parents will be sharing in this educational process with us, as we endeavour to make each child’s time in Friends’ School Preparatory Department a rewarding and enjoyable experience.

Simon Patterson Head of Preparatory Department

After School Activities

  • Hockey


    Lisburn Area League champions and winners of the Lisburn Area Northern Ireland Mini-Hockey Finals Qualifying Tournament. Hockey clubs for P4-P7 pupils take place throughout the year. In addition to this hockey teams, both boys and girls, are coached on the School’s Astroturf Pitches during the autumn and spring terms. Coaching is provided by a professional coach along with Mrs Johnston and Mrs Monteith. These teams enter the Lisburn Schools’ Hockey Leagues and Annual Tournaments. Over the years our pupils have enjoyed much success in these competitions, both regularly qualifying to represent the Lisburn Area in the Northern Ireland Mini-Hockey Finals. In 2016 the girls’ team won the McCloy Cup (NI Mini Hockey Finals) for the first time in the Prep’s history.
  • Badminton


    From December to March badminton coaching, led by a Badminton Union of Ireland coach, takes place after school in the School’s Sports Hall for P5- P7 pupils. The Badminton Teams, both boys and girls, have taken part most successfully in the Ulster Schools’ Badminton Associations Competitions. Mrs Smyth organises and coaches our badminton teams along with a professional badminton coach.
  • Touch & Mini Rugby

    Touch & Mini Rugby

    Prep Rugby team at Kingspan Stadium. Touch Rugby coaching is available for P4 and P5 pupils. Mini Rugby coaching is available for boys and girls in P6 and P7. Sessions take place during the spring term on the School’s Rugby Pitches. A Mini Rugby team is entered in the West Down Mini Rugby Qualifier each year and at various invitational tournaments throughout the season. Touch and Mini Rugby clubs are led by a professional coach assisted by IRFU qualified coaches.
  • Cricket / Golf / Football

    These clubs, when running, are led by professional coaches.
  • Swimming


    During the school year, P4-P7 pupils are given swimming lessons as part of their PE programme. Inter House Class Galas are held during the Spring Term and we also participate each year in the Lisburn Primary Schools’ Swim Meet. Top swimmers from the Prep are also entered in the Ulster and Irish Minor Schools’ Swimming Championships annually.
  • Cycling Proficiency

    A Cycling Proficiency Course is available for P7 pupils during the Spring and Summer Terms. This is led by Mrs Montgomery.
  • Music


    Rehearsal for Music Box Concert in the Waterfront Hall.
    The Prep School Choir (P4-P7 pupils), practises weekly during the autumn / spring terms. At times they join with the Drama Club for the Prep performance of a musical play or concert. The Choir performs at concerts / events. Professional singing teacher, Mr Ashley Fulton, trains the Prep Department Choir.

    A Music Club takes place for P5-P7 pupils in the Summer term. This activity is led by Mrs Connolly with the assistance of music specialists.
  • Drama


    The Junior Drama Club is for P3 and P4 pupils. A separate club takes place for each of these classes. Children are involved in workshops which include:- • games • improvisations and script exercises • confidence building • creativity • social skills The clubs are run by Mrs Johns.

    A Senior Drama Club for P5-P7 pupils meets during the Autumn and Spring terms, working towards the performance of a musical play or concert. These events are greatly enjoyed by an audience of parents and friends. The Senior Drama Club is led by Mrs Connolly and Mrs Aughey.
  • Musical Theatre Dance

    This activity runs twice each year. P5-P7 pupils may join the Dance Club in the autumn term whilst P3 and P4 pupils enjoy their Dance Club in the Summer term. Pupils will have the opportunity to learn and perform dances. They will be taught by professional choreographer, Gillian Jones.
  • Art

    An Art Club takes place in the Autumn Term for P5-P7 pupils.
  • Languages

    French Clubs take place for P3 and P4 pupils. At times pupils have the opportunity to join a Spanish Club. These clubs are run by Mrs Montgomery and Miss Gordon. Parents who speak additional languages often visit school to work with pupils.

    In 2015-2016 Eco Club and Bricks4Kids were introduced and proved to be extremely popular.
  • Gymnastics

    At various times throughout the year each class visits SALTO Gymnastics Centre for a six or seven week course.

Information & Downloads

Pre-Prep Handbook

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Pre-Prep Application Form Morning Session

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Prep Handbook

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Pre-Prep Application Afternoon Session

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Prep Application Form

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Pastoral Care

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Contact Details

Prep Office:  028 92669198
Email: krobinson973@c2kni.net
Pre Prep: 07955001611
Pre Prep email: tgowdy790@c2kni.net
After School Club: 07516108075
Email: cmairs700@c2kni.net