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Further Success for this year’s Young Enterprise

This year’s Young Enterprise company Generation won two awards at a recent awards ceremony.  In order to compete the pupils completed a ten page business report and took part in an interview.

On Wednesday the 6th of April, FSL’s Young Enterprise company ‘Generation’ attended ‘The Big Celebration 2016’- an event held by Young Enterprise to announce the regional company winners and awards. Set in the stunning venue of Titanic Belfast, the day was packed full of presentations from Northern Irish entrepreneurs and Young Enterprise alumni- not to mention some quality scones in the tea break, which may or may not have been the best part… The day truly celebrated the young people of Northern Ireland in terms of business, innovation and hard work- and many of the team felt inspired by the talks- particularly the quote ‘It’s your attitude, not your aptitude that will determine your altitude.’ (Cheesy- but true!) A few hours later and several promotional pens and rulers heavier, the team took their seats at the award ceremony- headed off by Emma Horan, a local singer made famous by social media. The team scooped up the ‘Innovation Award’ for creating and designing their educational book- ‘My Family and I’ (furthermore, without any typing errors, which was a feat in itself!) After spending several months ensuring that the book was perfect, the award was well deserved. One of the marketing directors- Rebecca McNeill- also won the ‘Young Entrepreneur of the Future’ Award for the South Eastern area after an application process and interview. She will now proceed onto the next stage of the competition- going through another round of interviews- before attending the Young Enterprise Ball at Belfast City Hall in May to find out if she has won ‘Young Entrepreneur of the Future’ for Northern Ireland. The team of Rheo Hue, Adam Schofield, Matthew Armstrong, Rebecca McNeill, Conor Hall, Hannah Mayes and Adam Milligan along with Mrs Bell, finished the day with a well-deserved lunch at ‘Cast and Crew.’ If you would like to support the company, buy your copy of ‘My Family and I’ at myfamilyandi.bigcartel.com or contact the general office.


Thanks go to Roger Kennedy, Business Advisor and Ashea Bell, Link Teacher.

Rebecca McNeill